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I Luv U Sit Roses Happy Cool Date I can't Dump Hugz Amazing Angel Advice Educate Kiss Sing a song Eyes Lips Sweet I'm not an Idiot Go with Bump True Marry Free *MUAH* Stay Forever Swing ~<| Hersheys Luv not War Taste Tickle time Wink ~
Pervert Block Like Trout1 Cliff ChainSaw SlamDoor Cantalope Drown Cig Beer Soda Cigar Shout Drown2 Shit Bag Watermelon Bottle2 Murder Wedgie Pumpkin Crush Chop LoseDog Ginsu Banana Zaney Blond Eros Bat Dick Type Hang Dumpster Ugly Snot Toes Surprise Piss On Hey JackyChan Kick Shoot Grenade ButtUgly Lonely SetFire PunchUser BurnUsers GoBack Monster CrapOn Problem Smurf Hell LawnMower
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